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Hone digital skills with free workshop series

The Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS) kicks off the academic year with a series of workshops to hone digital skills. They are free and open to all faculty, staff and students.

All of these digital scholarship workshops will be held at The Aquarium of the ECDS on the third floor of the Woodruff Library from 2 to 3 p.m.

The first workshop, “Digital Identity: Managing Your Online Identity,” will be Tuesday, Sept. 1, and repeated Wednesday, Sept. 2. ECDS’s Anne Donlon and Alan Pike will provide helpful tips and strategies for managing an online presence via a personal website, social media and more.

Learn how to visualize your data on a map with some user-friendly, free, web-based mapping tools at “Data Visualization: Put Your Data on the Map” on Tuesday, Sept. 8, repeated Wednesday, Sept. 9. Megan Slemons will share the basics to get started creating and sharing attractive, informative maps.

If your data visualization work means analyzing relationships between things, people or groups and you need a way to visualize connections, “Data Visualization: Connecting the Dots with Network Analysis” will provide some guidance. This workshop will help you prepare, explore and map network data using Gephi, an open-source and free tool. The two sessions will be Tuesday, Oct. 6, and Wednesday, Oct. 7, and taught by Sara Palmer.

A set of two workshops each will cover the basics of WordPress to create a professional website. “Digital Identity: Diving into WordPress I” will be Tuesday, Sept. 15, and again Wednesday, Sept. 16, and will demonstrate how to set up a site and how to create basic content for it.

Digital Identity: Diving into WordPress II” will be Tuesday, Sept. 29, and Wednesday Sept. 30, covering website structure, menus and customization. Previous experience with WordPress or attendance at “Diving Into WordPress I” is recommended. Sarah Melton and Anandi Salinas will present the WordPress workshops.

Online Exhibits: Building Tours with OpenTourBuilder” shows participants how to create a walking or driving tour using OpenTourBuilder, which was built in-house at Emory Libraries and is an attractive and user-friendly platform for place-based tours. These workshops will be Tuesday, Sept. 22, and Wednesday, Sept. 23.

For more information, see ECDS.

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