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Blomeyer Health Fitness Center to change management

Human Resources recently announced that management of Blomeyer Health Fitness Center, Emory’s employee fitness facility, will transition to a new vendor, HealthFitness, on Sept. 1.

The Blomeyer Oversight Committee selected HealthFitness through an open RFP process initiated in partnership with Emory Procurement Services and Contract Administration. The committee invited leading fitness center management companies to participate, including Corporate Sports Unlimited (CSU), the current management vendor. Blomeyer members and Emory employees, including non-members, provided feedback.

“We decided to initiate an RFP because so much has changed in the fitness management industry since Blomeyer first opened in 1997,” explains Theresa Milazzo, associate vice president of Human Resources and a member of the Blomeyer Oversight Committee. “Our top priority is our faculty and staff, and we wanted to explore what different fitness vendors could offer them.”

HealthFitness brings more than 35 years of experience in corporate fitness management as well as knowledge of quality practices in health and wellness for employee populations. A deciding factor in the company's selection was its ability to offer fun, challenging programs using a robust, science-based approach that aligns with industry best practices and national trends.

“We are confident this fresh approach will provide many new opportunities and experiences for Emory employees to improve their health and fitness,” says Melissa Morgan, wellness manager at Emory’s Faculty Staff Assistance Program. “HealthFitness is committing to working 'outside the fitness center' to make health and wellness more accessible to all,” including wellness efforts outside of Blomeyer.

Brian Harrigan, HealthFitness vice president of sales and development, says the company looks forward to working with Emory and Blomeyer members.

“HealthFitness is very excited to bring our services to Emory and to Blomeyer,” Harrigan says. “We look forward to growing and sustaining membership and helping individuals enhance their level of fitness and pursue personal health and wellness goals.”

At this early stage in the transition, many programming details on upcoming classes and schedules have yet to be arranged, but HealthFitness staff will be talking to Blomeyer members to better understand their needs and preferences. Milazzo said that membership rates will not increase as a result of the change in vendors. Additionally, all of the amenities that members are accustomed to receiving, such as free towels and shampoo, will continue.

Blomeyer members received notification of the change in management on June 30, along with a list of frequently asked questions to aid in a smooth transition. Earlier in June, the Blomeyer Oversight Committee received a petition from 94 Emory faculty and staff (out of more than 1,400 members), along with individual messages from members, expressing support for the Corporate Sports staff and management and noting their positive experiences at Blomeyer.

The committee took the feedback into consideration in making its decision, along with other factors such as the firms’ reputation, experience, innovation, integrated programming and resources, and reliance on best practices research.

Some members also expressed concerns about the employment of Blomeyer staff. CSU has indicated that all staff will be given opportunities to work at other CSU facilities.

“Our goal for Blomeyer is to support the overall health and well-being of Emory’s employees and their families,” Milazzo says. “HealthFitness will make an excellent partner to achieve that goal.”

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