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Celebrating Nurses Week: Laura Robinson

Media Contact

Mary Beth Spence
Senior Manager, Media Relations

In celebration of National Nurses Week, Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital introduces nurse clinician Laura Robinson.

How long have you worked at Emory Saint Joseph's?

Eight years (out of a 24 year career)

What unit or units have you worked in?

CCU and Non Invasive Cardiology

Why did you choose a career in nursing?

I wanted a career that offered flexibility and one I would be continually be learning from. Also, I have always wanted to work with a team of people to support me and I could support them.

Why do you love nursing, and why is it important to youpersonally?

It's important to me that everyone receives good health care no matter who they are or what they are being treated for. I believe I can embody this through my education, experience, and my passion for educating patients. Personally, I've been under going treatment for a serious medical condition. It certainly reinforces to me that what we do and how we treat patients can be the most important aspect of our job.

What is your current role?

I work as the nurse clinician in the non-invasive cardiology area. There I perform TEE's with cardiologists and offer support during stress tests and echo/vascular scans.

Have you received any awards?

Yes. In Canada where I worked for 15 years. Here, I've had the honor of receiving many personal accolades from my patients and colleagues, written and otherwise. Most memorably, one letter written from a patient of mine (an executive of Resurgens Orthopaedics) was sent to the CEO and was published in 'The Saint' employee newsletter.

Do you have a special patient experience to share?

There are so many. Most that stand out are humorous experiences. As nurses, we deal with some heavy stuff. Being able to laugh with each other and our patients is a way to cope. Laughter heals all wounds… maybe not, but it sure makes life easier to handle.

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