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Emory employees encouraged to complete online Workplace Flexibility Survey

Workplace practices, perceptions and challenges are the focus of an all-Emory staff survey released Monday, March 2.

Conducted in partnership by the Emory WorkLife Resource Center (EWLRC) and the Department of Institutional Research, the online survey is intended to reassess workplace flexibility practices at Emory by repeating a survey originally conducted in 2011, according to Audrey Adelson, Emory WorkLife manager.

With the follow-up survey, Emory continues to demonstrate a commitment to improving the work-life effectiveness of its community by assessing the prevalence of such work arrangements as telework, flexible schedules, compressed work weeks, and shift flexibility, she explains.

“The university recognizes that a flexible work environment is a key factor to creating an effective work-life culture, as well as supporting and retaining a healthy, diverse and productive workforce,” Adelson says.

The 2011 survey was instrumental in helping the university obtain a baseline of workplace flexibility practices and perceptions across the campus, according to Adelson.

“Data obtained from that survey was used to help EWLRC develop initiatives to support the increased demand and successful implementation of flexible work arrangements at the university,” she says.

The goal of the new 2015 survey is to continue to enhance and improve flexibility options for Emory employees and to help shape future initiatives and programs, she adds.

By participating in this month’s survey, Emory staff will provide the EWLRC with current data “that will point out where progress has been made, trends exist, and where challenges still need to be addressed,” Adelson explains.

The survey underscores Emory’s commitment to supporting “a strong work-life culture for both faculty and staff, as well as supporting modern-day business operations,” she says.

Emory staff should receive the confidential survey by email and are strongly encouraged to take a few minutes to take the online assessment, which should only require 5 to 10 minutes to complete, according to Adelson.

The survey will remain open until 5 p.m. on March 13. For more information, visit the Emory Worklife Resource Center at

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