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Applications for undergraduate admission hit new record

Applications to Emory College of Arts and Sciences were up 15 percent to 20,477, and Oxford College saw a 30 percent increase to 9,653. Emory College plans to enroll 1,350 students, with Oxford to enroll 490.

For the first time ever, total applications to Emory University’s undergraduate programs surpassed 20,000 for the Class of 2019. Applications to Emory College of Arts and Sciences were up 15 percent to 20,477, and Oxford College saw a 30 percent increase to 9,653. Emory College plans to enroll 1,350 students, with Oxford to enroll 490.

“We’ve been looking closely at who are the best students for Emory, and have sought out the smart, talented and ambitious students who are interested in engaged learning whether in research or the arts, from mentoring to studying abroad,” says Provost Claire Sterk, whose office oversees admissions and enrollment services.

“Out of this exciting pool of applicants, I am confident we will find the best class of 2019 for our university—one made up of diverse learners who bring their passion and intelligence to make positive transformations on their worlds,” Sterk says.

The record number of applicants reflects the value the world sees in an Emory education – but it also reflects months of work by admissions staff to connect with prospective students, from personal visits across the country and around the world, to a full of array of new and existing strategies to reach students through social media, online marketing and creative and targeted mailings.

"This applicant pool will allow us to admit an incredible freshman class with students who will thrive here and shape our community in positive ways," says Dean of Admission John Latting, assistant vice provost of undergraduate enrollment.

In addition to the continued enhancements to admissions’ outreach, a unique factor this year may have been the global spotlight that has been on Emory for several months due to the successful treatment of four Ebola patients by the Emory Healthcare team. This may have raised more awareness about Emory for prospective students, Latting says.

"The world watched the university’s response to the Ebola crisis, and it allowed us to share who we are: a community committed to excellence, and one that truly cares about applying knowledge in service to humanity,” says Latting. “These values are attractive to the students we are seeking to admit.”

Why Applicants Choose Emory

Whether it’s the beautiful Atlanta campus, Emory’s strong reputation for unparalleled liberal arts education within a major research university, or a welcoming community for all, there are many reasons the Class of 2019 declared Emory as their top choice.

The Emory admissions teams asked students admitted Early Decision for the Class of 2019 on Facebook why Emory was their top choice, garnering an onslaught of valuable feedback. Here's a sample:

  • Schnawaz Khan from Atlanta knew Emory was the place for him when he was in second grade. His mom’s friend graduated from Emory with a Ph. D and gave him a tour of campus. “Every anecdote she gave me made me love the school more and more, and when we visited Emory University Hospital and saw the doctors and nurses I knew this was the place for me.”
  • Evelyn Cortezi, a student from Maryland, says Emory’s sense of community and welcoming students made all the difference when she visited campus. “Emory emphasizes the importance of collaboration and teamwork, but at the same time it is one of the most competitive universities. I know that I can be successful at Emory and my experience there will be an important step in making a change in the world.”

Students choosing Oxford College were attracted to the school's tight-knit community with smaller classes and a focus on liberal arts education. First-year students have the opportunity to be leaders early on in their college experience on Emory's original, historic campus, in Oxford, Georgia. 

  • Yining Feng, who is from Maryland, says Oxford’s exceptional leadership-training programs made the difference for her. “I am especially looking forward to the PALs program because I personally have never seen the same program offered at any other college.”  PALs are a selected group of sophomores who serve as orientation leaders and as resources and role models for new students learning the in's and out's of college life.
  • Admitted student Riley Horne from Texas says the campus culture she saw on the tours brought her to Oxford. “Everyone I met was engaging and motivated toward their respective dreams, and it felt like the kind of community I wanted to be a part of.” 

Admits from Early Decision applications

Emory College of Arts and Sciences received 1,253 Early Decision I (ED I) applications for the Class of 2019, up 9.6 percent over last year, and admitted 478.

The states with the greatest representation among students admitted through ED1 are Georgia, New York, Florida, California and New Jersey. Due to the increase in applications, the admit rate for ED I decreased six percent this year, to 38.1 percent.

Oxford College received 453 ED I applications, up 49.5 percent over last year and admitted 184.

Kelley Lips, dean of enrollment services for Oxford College, says the academic quality and profile of students admitted so far is the strongest Oxford has ever seen. “Equally impressive are the personal qualities these students exhibit and the engagement demonstrated in their high schools and communities. This group of students is a phenomenal start to the Class of 2019,” she says.

Emory College received 1,244 Early Decision II (ED II) applications, a record applicant pool for the ED2 admission plan. Oxford College received 639 ED II applications, also a record applicant pool for the ED2 admission plan.

These are preliminary numbers run at specific points in the application review cycle and are subject to minor adjustments. The remainder of Emory University’s Class of 2019 will be comprised of ED II applicants, and Regular Decision applicants. ED2 applicants are notified by February 15, and Regular Decision applicants are notified by April 1

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