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When Emory went viral: Stories of Ebola

Until early August 2014, cases of Ebola virus disease had not been seen or treated in the United States. All that changed when the first two American patients were brought for treatment to Emory University Hospital, where a special isolation unit (Serious Communicable Disease Unit) designed by Emory and CDC experts had been preparing for such a crisis for more than a decade.

Since the successful treatment and discharge of four patients from Emory, the Ebola epidemic that has claimed more than 5,100 lives in West Africa has become the subject of international attention, and a handful of cases in the US continues to raise awareness and concern.

In the autumn 2014 issues of Emory Magazine, Emory Medicine magazine, and Public Health magazine, you'll meet some of the members of the extraordinary Emory Healthcare team who cared for those early patients while the world watched. You'll also learn about collaborative efforts between Emory's public health experts and the CDC, more about the virus itself, and the measures being taken to slow its spread around the world.

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