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Emory community responds to chief nurse executive's op-ed on treating Ebola patients

Emory Healthcare's highly trained staff continues to focus on providing the best patient care possible to two Americans infected with Ebola.

Responding to the extensive media coverage and public debate surrounding the patients’ return to U.S. soil for treatment, Susan M. Grant, chief nurse executive of Emory Healthcare, published an op-ed in the Washington Post on Aug. 6 titled, "I'm the head nurse at Emory. This is why we wanted to bring the Ebola patients to the U.S."

After detailing the ethical and medical reasons behind the staff’s decision, Grant closes her essay, "As human beings, we all hope that if we were in need of superior health care, our country and its top doctors would help us get better. We can either let our actions be guided by misunderstandings, fear and self-interest, or we can lead by knowledge, science and compassion. We can fear, or we can care."

Her message has certainly resonated. The op-ed has been re-published in venues from Newsday to the Miami Herald and has received over 1,440 shares through Emory University’s Facebook page alone. Students, staff and alumni expressed support for Grant’s message and the hospital staff’s dedication on social media. See slideshow above for selected messages.

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