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Where the School of Medicine's Class of 2014 will be heading

In March 2014, graduating students at Emory University School of Medicine were matched with medical residencies across the country, at institutions as diverse as Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to the University of Hawaii. Forty students will spend all or part of their residencies in the State of Georgia, 38 of those in Emory's Affiliated Residency Training Programs.

Most students were matched via the National Residency Match Program (NRMP) but some students participated in smaller match programs, including the military residency match, a urology match, and an ophthalmology match.

The map above shows the institutions which will be home to Emory graduates and which specialties they will be pursuing.

Map Notes

Click on institution name (left) or virtual "pin" to view residency details.

Addresses for institutions are approximate.

For each institution, the number of residents per specialty is noted.

Where "Transitional Year" is marked, a graduating Emory senior is spending one year at the named institution before moving on to continue a residency at another institution.

Where "PGY2 Program" appears, with specialties and numbers, it indicates Emory graduates who will complete a "Transitional Year" at one institution before arriving for "PGY2" ("Program Year 2") to complete the rest of their residency.

Map is available full size on Google Maps

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