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Summer workshop looks at the science of religion

Register for a two-day workshop organized by The Center for Mind, Brain, and Culture (CMBC) on Thursday, May 15 and Friday, May 16.  RSVP to Tamara Beck by Friday, April 25.

"Cognitive Science and Religion"  will explore the interdisciplinary study of cognitive science and religion, looking into some of the directions that recent research has taken in these studies and focusing specifically on the recent developments.

Several Emory faculty will be presenting during the workshop:

  • Robert McCauley, CMBC director, on "The Cognitive Science of Religion:  Seminal Findings and New Trends"
  • Bradd Shore, Goodrich C. White Professor of Anthropology, on "Religion and Ritual: A Marriage Made in Heaven"  
  • Greg Berns, Distinguished Professor of Neuroeconomics and Director of the Center for Neuropolicy, on "Brain Imaging Studies of Sacred Values and Social Norms"
  • John Dunne, associate professor in the Department of Religion, on a topic to be anounced
  • Vernon Robbins,  professor in the Department of Religion, "Conceptual Blending and Interactive Emergence in Early Christian Writings"

Seating is limited and reservations are required and will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. 

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