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Drug policy expert develops special journal issue

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Hannah Cooper, ScD, associate professor in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education at Emory’s Rollins School of Public, along with colleague Barbara Tempalski, PhD, from the National Development and Research Institute, created and edited a special journal issue of the International Journal of Drug Policy that critically examines advances in geographic research on drug policy and drug users’ health.

The two serve as guest editors for the special issue, scheduled for March 21, 2014 and titled, “Place Matters:  Drug Users’ Health and Drug Policy.”

For over a decade “place” has become increasingly prominent in research on drug use, drug users’ health, and drug policy. This special issue will take a look at the measurement of risk environments, the mobility of drug users, programs, policies and drug users’ networks. The18 articles were authored by renowned experts and researchers throughout the drug policy and harm-reduction fields.

Cooper’s recent research focuses on the social determinants of HIV among drug users, with a particular emphasis on how specific policies and place characteristics produce racial/ethnic disparities in HIV among drug users.

“I am thrilled that the International Journal of Drug Policy is publishing this very important issue,” explains Cooper. “The research included in this edition will help to transition the idea of “place” to the forefront of the drug policy discussions.”

In addition to its regular print issue, the entire special issue will also be available as a virtual e-book that will be available for free access for 30 days after publication.


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