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Bringing to life 'Dinosaurs Without Bones'

Emory ichnologist Anthony Martin wants to shake up your view of dinosaurs by letting you follow them in their tracks. (Warning: Watch where you step.)

Martin is on a mission to bring ichnology to the masses. Long overshadowed by the bone specialists of paleontology, paleoichnologists focus on the fossils of tracks, nests, burrows, dung and other traces of life.

Martin's new book, "Dinosaurs Without Bones: Dinosaur Lives Revealed by Their Trace Fossils" is published by Pegasus Books. In an advanced review of the book, due out March 6, Publisher's Weekly says Martin's writing "bubbles over with the joy of scientific discovery as he shares his natural enthusiasm for the blend of sleuthing and imagination that he brings to the field of ichnology."

Martin also drew all of the illustrations for the book, and took most of the photos.

eScienceCommons interviewed the author in his office in Emory's Department of Environmental Sciences.

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