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Romare Bearden StoryCorps project seeks personal odysseys
Hear the StoryCorps experiences of Robert Franklin and Rhonda Mullen with the Provost's Office.

In partnership with StoryCorps, the Carlos Museum offers members of the Atlanta community a chance to record, share and preserve personal or family stories of the Great Migration, or of the migration back to cities in the New South in recent years.

The project is part of the exhibition "Romare Bearden: A Black Odyssey," on view at the Museum until March 9, inspired by artist Bearden's expression of the themes of Homer's epic poem.

Using watercolor and collage, the artist saw parallels between Odysseus’ search for his home, and the Great Migration of African Americans who left the Jim Crow South for the cities in the North and West.

"We've done six on-site interviews," says Priyanka Sinha, director of communications and marketing for the Carlos Museum, "and we look forward to recording and preserving many more."

How to share your story

StoryCorps Atlanta records and preserves audio stories of anyone who wants to participate.  A number of recording sessions are available. Visit for more information, including how to sign up. Appointments can also be made by calling 404-814-4188.

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