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Celebrating 50 years of psychology at Emory

The old psychology building (left) on the Quad, which served as headquarters for the department for decades. On the right, the state-of-the-art Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies building (PAIS) was completed in 2009.

In 387 BC, Plato proclaimed that the brain is the seat of mental processes. In 335 BC, Aristotle countered that all emotions originate in the heart, opening classical debates about the human mind and behavior.

"And the conversation continues," said Marshall Duke, Candler Professor of Psychology.

Nowhere is that conversation livelier than Emory’s Department of Psychology, which recently celebrated its 50th year in its modern form with presentations on its evolution. Clinical work and research into depression, schizophrenia, autism-spectrum disorders, early childhood development, the mental health of families and the origins of human morality — those are a few of the areas in which Emory has, and continues, to make major contributions.

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