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Suggest candidates for honorary degrees at Commencement

Nominations for honorary degree recipients are being solicited for 2015 Commencement and beyond.

The deadline for submitting nominations is Tuesday, Nov. 5.

The Honorary Degrees Committee reviews nominations from the Emory community and recommends a slate of candidates for consideration for an honorary degree.

Honorary degrees are bestowed at Commencement to individuals who have achieved the highest distinction in their fields, while also demonstrating a transformational impact, and whose lives and careers demonstrate commitment to work consistent with Emory’s values.

The committee encourages the nomination of individuals from diverse demographic backgrounds, among other criteria.

Honorary degree nomination letters should address:

  • What are the nominee's achievements that would merit this honor?
  • Why is it particularly fitting for Emory University to honor this nominee?
  • Would an honorary degree from Emory University have any special significance for this nominee?
  • Would the award have any special significance or meaning for graduating students?

Nominations may be submitted via the online Honorary Degree Nomination Form. Nomination letters may also be e-mailed to or mailed, along with any supporting materials, to:

Honorary Degree Nominations
Emory University Office of the Secretary
Mail Stop # 1000/001/1AN
Atlanta, Georgia 30322

All nominations are confidential.

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