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Tips for freshmen

Emory Report asked Emory's Facebook community to share their best advice for the Class of 2017:

  • Appreciate and learn from the people around you, especially freshman year. You'll rarely be placed in such an open, diverse and intelligent community where you are free to explore new ideas and topics without consequence. Your freshman hall can be the image of an ideal community.
    — Max Gus Evans 11C
  • Don't bite off more than you can chew. Doing great in one or two tough classes is far better than taking three or four hard classes and struggling.
    — Bharat Koti 16C
  • You will form lifelong relationships with many of the people you meet. You WILL gain your freshman 15, and will become a devotee of Coca-Cola.
    — Marc Haddle 87Ox-89C
  • Smell the tulips and get ready to sneeze when the pollen starts! Meet and get to know your professors ... Enjoy every moment of college.
    — Dana Haftel Rubin 94C
  • Your own experiences so far have value. You have something to offer the people you are going to meet even if their world seems more exotic or sophisticated. Emory picked you for a reason. Shine.
    — Ginger Kane, 83C and current staff member

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