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Energy guru Amory Lovins to speak July 29

Fired up about America's energy independence? Physicist Amory Lovins brings his Rocky Mountain high optimism about energy's future to Emory on Monday, July 29. Lovins will give a speech, "Reinventing Fire," at 12:30 p.m. in the Claudia Nance Rollins Auditorium of the Grace Crum Rollins building.

The event, hosted by the Office of Sustainability Initiatives, is free and open to the public.

Lovins is co-founder and chief scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute, an independent nonprofit "think-and-do tank" that drives the efficient and restorative use of resources.

"Amory Lovins is one of the foremost thinkers of our time, and his visit to Emory's campus is a true honor," says Ciannat Howett, director of sustainability initiatives. "Mr. Lovins and the Rocky Mountain Institute have developed remarkable scientific innovations and strategies for securing our energy future and sustaining our planet, with a transition to renewable energy sources by 2050. His ideas are a true inspiration to Emory as we strive to bring innovative sustainability solutions to our campus and community." 

The Rocky Mountain Institute's vision for a solution to America's energy challenge encompasses an economy that is nearly three times larger than today's by the year 2050 without coal, oil or nuclear energy and with $5 trillion in cost savings. This transition is seen as being led by businesses and requiring no acts of Congress.  

Lovins' Emory appearance is made possible by support from the Ray C. Anderson Foundation.

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