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DeKalb County seeks public's input on transportation plan

Emory will host a meeting for public comment on the DeKalb County Transportation Plan on Thursday, April 18, at 6:30 p.m. in the Winship Ballroom of the Dobbs University Center.

The county is seeking public input to help identify goals, needs and investment priorities for the transportation system. At the meetings, the existing conditions will be reviewed; input on transportation needs will be solicited; and ways to stay involved in the planning process will be discussed. These meetings are ongoing steps in updating the DeKalb County Transportation Plan.

County commissioners and the CEO will have to adopt the final transportation plan, when completed. The plan will then be implemented by the affected departments of DeKalb County plus participating cities and transit agencies.

The plan's intent is to:

  • improve mobility for all people
  • enhance quality of life
  • facilitate economic vitality
  • focus on implementation.

Comment can be made by email at

See more about the plan and other scheduled meetings at

For questions, contact Cristina Pastore at 404-419-8700.

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