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New implantable device for treatment of end-stage macular degeneration

Emory Eye Center is the first center in Georgia to offer a new technology proven to help the vision of some patients with end-stage age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Patients with end-stage AMD affecting both eyes may be candidates for the new device — an implantable miniature telescope — through the CentraSight™ treatment program, developed by VisionCare™, Inc. Implantation in one eye is followed by rehabilitation training to learn how to effectively use the device. Rigorous screening is required to ensure good candidacy for the implant. In this video, meet Jackie, an Emory Healthcare patient who decided to get the implant after AMD had robbed her of her independence. Jackie is now receiving rehabiliatation to learn to see better with the implant, relearning tasks like preparing food and reading recipes.

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Emory Eye Center offers new device for end-stage macular degeneration

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Interested patients may contact VisionCare™ at 1-877-99-SIGHT (1-877-997-4448). To contact the Emory Eye Center, call 404-778-2020 or 1-800-75.EMORY.

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