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Emory experts on the fiscal cliff

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As the country moves closer to the so-called “fiscal cliff,” several Emory University experts are available to discuss all aspects of the looming financial crunch, including tax policy reform, what to expect Jan. 1 with or without a deal in Congress, the politics of any deal, the country’s economic future and more.

Tax Policy

Dorothy Brown

Emory University law professor Dorothy Brown discusses what tax policy reforms are necessary in any fiscal cliff deal. Brown is professor of tax law and author of "Race, Class and the Obama Tax Plan" (Denver Law Review, 2009).  Brown specializes in federal tax law and critical race theory and is known for her work examining the racial implications of federal tax policy. 

The Economy

Jeff Rosensweig

Emory University finance professor Jeff Rosensweig discusses the fiscal cliff and why he expects a deal soon but not a grand bargain. Rosensweig is an associate professor of international business and finance and director of Emory's Goizueta Business School Global Perspectives Program He specializes in global strategy, global economics, and international finance. Prior to joining Emory in 1988, Rosensweig was senior international economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

Sheila Tschinkel

Emory University visiting economics professor Sheila Tschinkel discusses why the country should be worried about the fiscal cliff. Tschinkel is a former senior vice president at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and U.S. Treasury economic advisor in Europe and Asia. She is an authority on economic and financial policy issues. She is a distinguished visiting scholar at The Halle Institute and principal of SLT Finance and Economics, where she advises businesses, investors, and governments. 

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