Early decision 1 applications show increases

Nov. 28, 2012


Beverly Clark


Early Decision 1 (ED1) applications to Emory University for first-year students entering in Fall 2013 are up at both Emory College of Arts and Sciences (ECAS) and Oxford College.     

ED1 applications to ECAS are up 10 percent and stood at a record high of 959 as of Nov. 19 compared to 871 at the same time last year. ED1 applications to Oxford College are up 67 percent, from 159 in 2011 to 266 this year. Last year was the first time Oxford College offered the ED1 option.  

"Emory University continues to be a popular first-choice school for many applicants, both domestic and international, and this year a significant portion of the increase in ED1 applicants to Emory College is due to the increase of international applicants," says John Latting, Emory’s dean of admissions.  

"It's excellent news that an increasing number of early decision applicants are selecting Oxford College as their preferred entry point to Emory," says Jennie Taylor, associate dean of enrollment services at Oxford. "Like Emory College, much of the increase in ED applications at Oxford can also be attributed to international students."  

Emory extended the Nov. 1 deadline for ED1 to Nov. 15 for students who live in areas that were affected by Hurricane Sandy, and ECAS did see significant increases in ED1 applications from the East Coast, Latting says.    

Emory offers two rounds of early decision. Acceptance decisions for ED1 applicants will be announced Dec. 15, while the application deadline for ED2 is Jan. 1, 2013.