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Free Parkinson's screening day offered at Emory

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Holly Korschun

Are you concerned about developing Parkinson’s disease?

The Parkinson’s & Movement Disorders Program at Emory University will offer a Free Parkinson’s Screening Day on Friday, Dec. 7, 2012.

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder with symptoms that typically include tremor, muscle stiffness, slow movements and walking problems.

Research points to three possible early warning signs of Parkinson’s disease: 1) loss of the sense of smell; 2) chronic constipation; and 3) rapid eye movement (REM) sleep behavior that includes acting out during dreams. While having these early warning signs does not mean you definitely have Parkinson’s, they suggest an increased risk. Having a close relative (parent or sibling) with Parkinson’s disease may also be a risk factor for future development of the disease.

Participants will be evaluated by a Parkinson’s disease specialist for early warning signs and screened for typical motor features of Parkinson’s.

Early detection of Parkinson’s disease is important. As new drugs are being developed to slow progression, it would be best to be able to start them before motor symptoms occur. Information learned from screening also will help physicians develop a test battery to make a diagnosis and properly measure depression.

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