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Energy contest to cut campus watts

Emory's annual campus-wide Energy Competition begins Oct. 1 and runs all the month.  

Residential, research and administrative/classroom buildings will compete to measure the greatest reduction in BTUs per square foot, compared to October 2011.

Winners in each of the three categories will receive $1,000 to purchase a sustainability-related prize.

The contest, sponsored by the Office of Sustainability Initiatives, helps Emory toward the goal of reducing energy usage by 25 percent by 2015 from 2005.

Some tips to be competitive:

  • Turn off lights.

  • Turn off computer monitors or put computers on sleep mode (check with your IT representative to determine the most energy efficient method for your computer).

  • Take the stairs at least part of the way.

  • Unplug phone chargers.

  • Lower the sash on fume hoods in labs.

  • Use a desk lamp instead of overhead light.

  • Use a power strip to completely shut off computers and other appliances when not in use.

  • Check out the energy monitor in the lobby of some buildings.

Rally coworkers, hall mates and others to join the effort.

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