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Environmental Health and Safety Principles now online

Emory University's Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Principles have been approved by the President's Cabinet and are now available on the Environmental Health and Safety Office's website.  

The principles, which outline a commitment to protect and enhance the safety and health of Emory's community, include a number of measures that range from integrating environmental, health and safety management into academic business plans, to recycling materials on campus.  

The EHS Principles are "the written statement that communicates Emory's commitment to environmental, health and safety stewardship in support of the organization's mission,” says Patty Olinger, director of the Environmental Health and Safety Office.   

"Internally, it provides focus and gives Emory a statement to rally around. Externally, it demonstrates public commitment to levels of performance and continuous improvement,” she continues.  

"This is a very exciting major step for formalizing Emory's EHS-Management System implementation,” adds Olinger. "It also emphasis Emory's commitment to its faculty, staff and students surrounding community and environment.” 

The implementation of the EHS-Management System involves a systematic approach to reviewing, modifying and developing components of Emory's business -- such as organizational structure, planning, practices, procedures, processes and resources, in an effort to continue the improvement of the Environmental Health and Safety Office's overall performance.  

The Environmental Health and Safety Office has university-wide responsibility for developing, implementing and maintaining EHS programs to control occupational exposures and to oversee the implementation of the mandated federal and state laws, regulations and guidelines.

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