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Unraveling the myth of an outsider artist

Michael Moon is a professor at the Graduate Institue of Liberal Arts.

In a New York museum nearly a decade ago, Emory's Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts professor Michael Moon found himself captivated by the paintings of Henry Darger, a self-taught "outsider artist." Part of Darger's youth took place in an institution for "feeble-minded children" and then he spent his career working as a janitor. Just before his death, his landlords discovered that for decades, Darger had been creating large-scale paintings and an epic novel.

After years studying Darger's work in the context of queer theory and gender studies, Moon penned "Darger's Resources" (Duke University Press, 2012). The book re-examines Darger, providing a new lens through which to view the artist and his work.

Listen to Michael Moon talk about artist Henry Darger  and read from his new book "Darger's Resources":



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