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Employee Town Hall is venue for questions about University issues

The annual Town Hall hosted by the Employee Council is set for Tuesday, April 24, at noon in the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Auditorium, 1440 Clifton Rd.

The event will have President James Wagner, Provost Earl Lewis, Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration Mike Mandl and Executive Vice President for Health Affairs S. Wright Caughman answering pre-submitted questions as well as taking questions from the audience.

Kathy Troyer, incoming president of Employee Council, says the administrators are available "to discuss any topics around campus that are important to us as a community."

Perennial topics include all aspects of transportation and parking, health care benefits, management and leadership. Troyer urges employees to submit questions via the "hot topics" button on the Employee Council website.

"We have had a huge year," she notes, citing the proposed changes to the President's Commissions; new buses for the transit system; the tobacco-free initiative; and business practice improvement initiatives.

"With all this and so much more going on around campus, this forum is a great way to get your questions and comments to the leadership," she says.

Also in attendance will be Lisa Underwood, associate vice president of  transportation, parking and community services; Paula Gomes, Faculty-Staff Assistance Program director; and Peter Barnes, vice president of Human Resources.

Troyer also noted the role that the University Senate, Faculty Council and three President's Commissions play in making the Town Hall a successful event.

For more information, see the Employee Council website or contact Council President Jessica Perlove.

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