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TEDMED Conference features three Emory faculty members

A self-described "intellectual circus," TEDMED coalesces leading thinkers and practitioners from health and medicine with those in technology, entertainment, and design (TED). This always sold-out event costs $5,000 to attend, but a contribution from the Association of American Medical Colleges has allowed medical schools like Emory's to simulcast the event. 

Photo credit: Jerod Harris

Technology/Entertainment/Design (TED) conferences have engaged the world since 1984, bringing together people from different disciplines, and growing into a global force for innovation and creativity.

TEDMED, which grew out of the original meetings, is an annual gathering of science, medical and technology leaders. This year, TEDMED will feature three Emory faculty members:

  • Jonathan Glass, MD, Professor of Neurology,
  • Nicholas Boulis, MD, Associate Professor of Neurosurgery, and
  • Otis Brawley, MD, Medical Director of the American Cancer Society and Professor of Hematology and Medical Oncology.

TEDMED will be held from April 10 – 13 and will be simulcast live from Washington, DC, to various locations around Emory. For information about times and locations of the simulcast log on to:

The TEDMED Experience

TEDMED includes 11 two-hour sessions, each with 10-15 speakers who only talk for 3-15 minutes. But the conference is about much more than a series of exciting talks.

Each TEDMED talk is a short, powerful story all about a single idea – a counter-intuitive idea that will touch you on a personal level, penetrating your preconceived notions to shape your thoughts.

Every year, new members come for the big name speakers; but they leave talking about the ones they have never heard of in a field far from their specialty. TEDMED celebrates the horizontal mind, not the vertical silos.

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