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Letter to Emory Community from President Wagner

The following email was sent September 11, 2015 to the Emory community on behalf of President Jim Wagner:

Dear Emory Community,

Our academic year is off to a great start, and we recently welcomed our students to campus for what we trust will be a year of discovery, learning,  and personal growth. It is in the spirit of optimism and exhilaration that comes with new beginnings that I write to you today.

This morning, I informed the Executive Committee of our Board of Trustees that I will step away from Emory’s presidency at the end of August 2016, when I will be able to look back with great satisfaction on thirteen years of dedication and service to our extraordinary university.

The time is right, both for me personally and for Emory. I view my transition not as a sprint across the finish line but as the immensely gratifying handoff of the baton concluding my leg of a relay race. As I have reflected during the past year, I have delighted in the good fortune of being part of this university community during a period of tremendous growth in impact, depth, and richness—all grounded in the special character of this place.

Debbie and I love Emory dearly and feel at home here. Emory has been a passion for us over the past dozen years, and that passion will continue as we explore the next chapter of our lives—a life enriched by our work, our family, our friends, our church, and our community.

My decision has been made easier by the fact that Emory is in such a strong position. The work of building a great university is never finished, and there is tremendous anticipation and enthusiasm for the possibilities that lie ahead. Thanks to the tireless work of our faculty, students, alumni, trustees, and staff, so much is already in place to ensure a solid platform for continued growth and success. Among the many opportunities for the coming year alone will be recruiting several key new leaders, beginning our next strategic planning process, and envisioning our next fundraising campaign.

We will have plenty of time for conversation and reflection in the coming months. For now, let us attend to our responsibilities, seizing the opportunities and tackling the issues that are before us.

I value your partnership and friendship, as I always have and always will, and I look forward to continuing our important work together during the busy year ahead.


Jim Wagner

President, Emory University