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Emory's political experts are leading authorities on national and southern politics, polling, elections, political mobilization and race.

Alan Abramowitz 
Polling, Election Forecasting, National Politics, Polarization

Merle Black
 National Politics, Republicans, the South, Regional Polarization

Andra Gillespie
 Race and Politics, Post-Civil Right Black Leadership, African-American Politics, Political participation, Evangelicals

Michael Leo OwensUrban and Municipal Politics, Religion and Politics

Randall Strahan
 Congressional Politics, Partisanship and Leadership in the U.S. Congress

Drew Westen
 Psychology and politics, "The Political Brain

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What can we expect from President Obama's second term?

Emory University political scientists Andra Gillespie, Merle Black and Alan Abramowitz discuss what we can expect from President Obama's second term, what issues he must tackle, and if there's any chance for more compromise.

Why voter ID laws are becoming popular

Emory University law professor Michael Kang discusses the popularity of voter ID laws, why they are gaining support and what effect (if any) they are likely to have on voter fraud.