dalila herrera

Growing up in the mountains of southern Mexico, Dalila Vázquez Herrera spoke the indigenous Mixtec language and didn't learn Spanish until she started school. Now a senior at Emory, she conducted research into the role of culture in health care delivery. FULL STORY »

Meghan Hickey

Through experiments in the Emory Spatial Cognition Laboratory, senior Meghan Hickey found that trypophobia, commonly known as a fear of holes, isn't really about fear at all. Her research could lead to better treatments for the condition. FULL STORY »

Takuya Maeda

Takuya Maeda's research documents the impact of a $5 million trust fund set aside for the Japanese-American community to develop educational efforts and awareness about internment during World War II. FULL STORY »



SIRE program inspires undergraduate research

April 27, 2016