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What is your favorite spot on campus?

Emory Report | July 7, 2014


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"My favorite spot on campus is … the spring house (behind the Houston Mill House) that can be accessed by way of Hahn Woods."

Julie Hale

Julie Hale
Program Manager
Environmental Safety & Maintenance

"The area by the president's home — great scenery, especially for photos."

Cheri Bell

Cheri Bell
Data Management Systems Analyst
Office of Grants & Contracts

"The DUC — it's a fun place to be."

Charu Kumar

Charu Kumar
Research Specialist Lead
Emory College: Chemistry

"I love the Pitts Theology Library — so quiet and peaceful. I loved the place as a student and try to get over there when I have time."

Amy Wheeler

Amy Wheeler
Associate Editor
Emory School of Law

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