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Telling the story of St. Catherines Island

By Dana Goldman | Emory Report | May 1, 2013

Watch a slideshow of George Armelagos talking about the varied inhabitants of St. Catherines Island, beginning with the island's first owner, Mary Musgrove, in the 1700s.


Few people have heard of St. Catherines Island. Only eight or nine people live on the island and visitors are by invitation only.  

A new book by Emory anthropologist George Armelagos entitled "St. Catherines Island: the Untold Story of People and Place" (Colonel Island Press, 2012) introduces the Georgia barrier island and uncovers its rich history.  

Co-written with longtime St. Catherines resident John Woods, the authors show that the island’s current status as a protected and private space is just one of the latest twists in a history that spans plantations to being a playground for the rich.