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Drug improves kidney transplant survival rates

Emory's Chris Larsen and Tom Pearson played a key role in the development of belatacept, a drug which controls the immune system and prevents graft rejection. A worldwide study led by Larsen shows that the new drug has a better record of patient and organ survival than the previous standard of care.

Celebrate Founders Week with lectures, other special events

Founders Week, Emory's midwinter academic festival, features a range of events including a lecture by artist and professor Theaster Gates, who will discuss art as a catalyst for community renewal and social transformation. View the full schedule.

Meditation options abound on campus

Emory offers a variety of opportunities to learn and practice meditation, which can increase mindfulness, relieve stress, impact health and nurture the quality of compassion. Find out about ongoing campus meditation groups, all of which welcome beginners.

Discovery of consoling behavior in prairie voles may benefit humans

Emory researchers have discovered that prairie voles show an empathy-based consoling response when other voles are distressed. The finding has implications for understanding and treating psychiatric disorders such as autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia.

Take Note

Debate to address future of death penalty in the U.S.

Expo helps parents plan for summer with information on camps, learning programs

Professional development courses available for staff, faculty

DTRA awards $9.7M contract for drug development aimed at viral threats

Faculty in the News

Stephen Warren
"Geneticists uncover a key clue to schizophrenia," Los Angeles Times, Jan. 28

Anthony Chan
"Monkeys built to mimic autism-like behaviors may help humans," New York Times, Jan. 25

Hank Klibanoff
"College class investigates Jim Crow-era killings," Wall Street Journal, Jan. 24

Alash, a trio of Tuvan throat singers

Engage Emory

Fans of “The Big Bang Theory” may be familiar with Tuvan throat singing as one of Sheldon Cooper’s hobbies. On Friday, hear the real thing: Alash, the famed throat-singing ensemble, performs a free concert at 7 p.m. at the Emory Performing Arts Studio. Read about how Emory anthropologist Paul Hooper met the trio in Tuva.

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