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Emory employees walk one million miles in Move More Challenge

More than 6,000 Emory University and Emory Healthcare employees donned Fitbits for eight weeks to participate in the Move More Challenge. Find out the overall top teams and winners of individual prize drawings.

Students collaborate with artists to help nonprofits

How does a mural celebrate human resilience? Can a sculpture become a plea for public awareness? When is a t-shirt a tool for change? Emory students took these questions from the classroom into the community, working with local artists to further the missions of Atlanta nonprofit groups.

Babies have logical reasoning before age one, research shows

A study by Emory psychologist Stella Lourenco finds that human infants are capable of deductive problem solving as early as 10 months of age -- a skill previously thought to be beyond children's reach until they are four or five years old.

Grants support campus sustainability projects

From using a spin bike to generate electricity at Woodruff PE Center to planting a garden on Eagle Row, winners of this year's Sustainability Incentives Fund grants have diverse plans to help Emory achieve its green goals.

Study finds about 23,000 ER visits are related to dietary supplements

Dietary supplements are often presumed to be safe, but a study led by Andrew Geller, a senior associate in the Emory School of Medicine, shows they lead to thousands of emergency room visits per year. Learn about the biggest risks by age group.

Take Note

Get a free flu shot through the Emory medical plan

Emory Dance Company premieres five new works Nov. 19-21

Emory clinical trial demonstrates high implant success of world's smallest pacemaker

Faculty in the News

Nadine Kaslow
"How counselors help survivors of terrorism," CNN, Nov. 17

Carlos del Rio
"Charlie Sheen's diagnosis offers teachable moment," USA Today, Nov. 17

Abdullahi An-Na'im
"To defeat ISIS, Muslims must reform Sharia," Newsweek, Nov. 16

Sweet potatoes and fresh flowers for sale at the Emory Farmers Market

Engage Emory

Purchase fresh, locally sourced ingredients for your Thanksgiving feast or just pick up a healthy lunch or snack at the Emory Farmers Market, held each Tuesday during the academic year from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. at the Cox Hall Bridge.

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