A time to be grateful

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November 20, 2020

A time to be grateful

Dear Woodruff Health Sciences Center Faculty, Staff, and Students,

Leading up to Thanksgiving, I want to take a moment to thank you and remind you of how much I appreciate the sacrifices you make in order to care for our patients, community, families, each other, to continue teaching in challenging times, and to conduct world-class research at unprecedented levels.

November and the Thanksgiving holiday have always been our time to gather with loved ones and reflect.  No matter how you’re celebrating this holiday season, it is sure to look different than years before.

Despite the challenges and changes brought by 2020, one thing remains true — I am grateful for all that you do to improve lives and provide hope. Your commitment and dedication haven’t gone unnoticed by your peers, family, or community. And while the fight is not yet over, I want to encourage you to continue believing in what you do and the difference you’re making. You are changing lives, and I appreciate each of you.

Our COVID-19 recovery to date would not be possible without your teamwork and perseverance.  

Jonathan S. Lewin, MD, FACR

Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, Emory University
Executive Director, Woodruff Health Sciences Center
CEO and Chairman of the Board, Emory Healthcare

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