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Jan. 27, 2015 |

WaterHub uses natural processes to clean wastewater, reclaiming 300,000 gallons daily

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Emory's new water reclamation facility places the university among the nation's first to use "adaptive ecologics" to clean campus wastewater for non-potable uses.

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Spring courses engage students with new perspectives, methods

Study finds infants can learn communication skills from videos

Does 'Still Alice' offer an accurate look at Alzheimer's disease?

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Courses offered this semester take students beyond the classroom into the community, out of the country, and even -- theoretically -- across the universe. Check out a sample of the cool courses offered this spring.

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Children under two can learn some sign language skills from watching videos, according to a study led by Emory researchers. The findings contradict previous studies about babies and educational videos.

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For the latest video from Emory Looks at Hollywood, Ken Hepburn of Emory's Alzheimer's Disease Research Center analyzes the authenticity of the film "Still Alice" and Julianne Moore's performance.

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Get some exercise without battling wind, rain or cold by walking the tunnel that runs from Emory University Hospital to the Center for Rehabilitative Medicine. The Faculty Staff Assistance Program has a walking group Wednesdays at noon. Meet at the tunnel entrance on the first floor of Emory University Hospital.

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