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Oct. 31, 2013 |

Emory Cares Day connects students, alumni in service

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Sign up to serve for the annual international service day on Nov. 9 and join thousands of volunteers at over 35 projects in communities across the globe.

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Tell-tale toes point to oldest-known fossilized bird tracks from Australia

Behavioral Health Policy Studies focus of new center

Caregiving help is new employee benefit

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Two fossilized footprints found at Dinosaur Cove in Victoria, Australia, were likely made by birds during the Early Cretaceous, making them the oldest known bird tracks in Australia.

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Rollins School of Public Health researchers recently opened the Center for Behavioral Health Policy Studies, which aims to improve the lives of people with mental and substance use disorders through research, education and service.

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With 15 percent of University employees already caregivers for other adults and another 60 percent expecting to be, a new employee benefit will offer vital help.

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Engage Emory

At the "Zombies and 'Zombethics'" symposium on Friday, Nov. 1, scholars will wrestle with ethical questions raised by the (un)dead. In a Q&A with Cory Andrew Labrecque of the Emory Center for Ethics, find out why the zombie craze has gone viral.

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