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April 18, 2013 |

Human Health major would build on Emory strengths

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Offering a new Human Health major will strengthen opportunities for interdisciplinary study, research for faculty and students.

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'Know Your Numbers' campaign results: A snapshot of employee health

Book|Report podcast: Modern findings from an ancient culture

Possible bias in drug-free zone cases is focus of study

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Measuring key biometrics such as blood pressure, cholesterol and weight is providing 7,700 Emory employees with information about their health status and referrals to Emory resources.

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The latest Book|Report podcast features Emory Egyptologist Peter Lacovara, who will be discussing "Ancient Nubia: Kingdoms on the Nile" at the Carlos Museum on April 23, joined by collaborators including the book's photographer.

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Emory Law professor Kay Levine has received a grant to study whether drug-free zone laws are enforced more aggressively in inner cities, and whether that enforcement results in disproportionately harsher sentencing of minority-population males.

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Engage Emory

Get fascinated with a look at new objects acquired by the Michael C. Carlos Museum. Religion Professor Joyce Fluekiger is giving a talk tonight at 7:30 p.m. on one of the newest, a red sandstone sculpture of the elephant-headed India deity Ganesha. Find out how Ganesha, known as the "remover of obstacles," makes life easier for his followers.

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