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Oct. 30, 2012 |

Claire Sterk to serve as acting provost

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Emory's senior vice provost for academic planning and faculty development will fill the provost's role until a successor is named.

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President's State of the University Address is today

Higher-math skills entwined with lower-order magnitude sense

Ethicists to wrestle with zombies on Halloween

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President Wagner's ninth annual address will examine the University's achievements, review how it is performing with regard to internal goals and external challenges, and outline priorities identified by the President's Cabinet.

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An Emory study finds the ability to learn complex, symbolic math is a uniquely human trait, but it is intricately connected to a primitive sense of magnitude that is shared by many animals.

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Find out how the sold-out conference, "Walking with the Dead: An Ethics Symposium for the Living," originated and why the study of zombies is relevant to an ethicist.

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Engage Emory

Emory Medishare Haiti has news to share about its mission in the natural disaster-besieged nation of Haiti. Come listen to a group of physicians and medical student leaders describe their work and progress in Haiti's rural communities at Grand Rounds on Nov. 1, 6:30 a.m. in Emory University Hospital auditorium.

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