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Sep. 18, 2012 |

Replanting follows tree removal in campus construction projects

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As safety fencing goes up this month around the site of Emory University Hospital's tower expansion, construction teams will soon begin the carefully regulated process of tree removal and replacement.

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Emory College announces new directions

Your brain in love, and in lust

Emory receives $20 million NSF grant for chemistry center

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Emory College has announced a multi-year plan to enhance areas of distinction and support new and emerging areas of growth. Learn more about academic program changes in Emory College and Laney Graduate School, and the faculty committees charged with developing strategies for strengthening the College.

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In a new book, neuroscientist Larry Young helps explain the behaviors that govern our lives, such as physical attraction, infidelity and mother-infant bonding.

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The National Science Foundation has awarded $20 million to the Center for Selective C-H Functionalization, which brings together scientists working to break new ground for organic synthesis, making it faster, simpler and greener.

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Engage Emory

"King Kong," the 1933 monster ape film, screens Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in White Hall. Part of Emory Cinematheque's free film series.

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